Comfortable and functional furniture is key to the efficiency and practicality of your home classroom and study space.  Whether it’s a tiny nook or a dedicated room, your work environment should be inspiring and welcoming when studying from home.  Incorporating a learning area to your home can be tricky when space is limited.  With creativity and careful planning, however, you will find that almost any space can be converted successfully.

Remember to make the best use of any vertical space available by using shelving units.  A pair of steps to access them can be a nice and necessary addition!   

Make sure to give consideration to cable management – where are the plug sockets in your room? Where should you place your furniture accordingly?

   To avoid a messy desk, use pin boards, clipboards and curtain wires to peg up worksheets and display timetables or “to do” lists. 

The essentials for your study space are the magic 3.  A desk.  A chair.  Ample storage.  After these 3 necessities everything else could be considered an optional extra or “nice to haves”.

Pick furniture that is appropriate to the space you have available.  Consider different styles – corner or fold away desks can be incorporated where space is limited.

Give colours some thought when designing your space.  Colour can give a sense of space and light.  Different colours are thought to have different effects on our emotions – but too many primary colours may become a distraction for some child learners.  That said, it is important to display and celebrate good work – personal touches will also create a sense of positivity and ease.   A classroom should be a calm, happy and comfortable space.

Choosing the right chair is of upmost importance for your home classroom – it goes without saying that chairs need to be supportive and comfortable for those lengthy study sessions.  Look out for stackable or foldable chairs where space is limited.  

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When studying independently or with your child, a correctly utilised workspace can be a lifeline. Learning should be done in an inspiring and comfortable environment – enjoy the process of making your home classroom just that!