If you are considering studying maths at home, MTC Home Study will help.  Whether you are homeschooling a child or learning for yourself, you will need to understand what is expected in order to achieve the grade at each level of home study. To be truly successful, there are many elements that you will need to consider.  Understanding the curriculum, knowing which books and equipment are most helpful, planning effective study sessions and lessons, making learning enjoyable and engaging – and knowing where to start with homeschooling can be daunting.

MTC Home Study offers you a structured way to find the best support materials to aid your, or your child’s, learning journey. Backed by the knowledge and experience of Macclesfield Tutorial College staff and tutors, who have been teaching students and helping home educators for over two decades, MTC Home Study will help you take charge of your own learning program and find the best resources for you.

Create Your Home Classroom

Creating and organising a work space for teaching and learning doesn’t need to be a daunting task. With a little planning, your home classroom will be efficient, engaging, productive and fun.

Browse our home classroom recommendations for inspiration when creating your own space to teach yourself maths and plan how to homeschool.

Chat to the home education community

You’re not alone. Teaching and learning at home can sometimes feel like an isolating experience but it doesn’t have to. There are increasing numbers of people choosing to home educate and you can share your thoughts and learn from others right here.


Post questions, get involved in conversations, join the community.

Private Candidate Exams, Revision Courses, Supporting Tuition

Everything you need to support your home learning

MTC Home Study is supported by Macclesfield Tutorial College. With over 25 years of experience, the College offers a full range of services to support you on your learning journey. Whether you’re looking for a centre to sit GCSE or A Level exams as a private candidate (including a fully equipped science laboratory to develop the required practical skills, as well as language orals and other forms of non-exam assessment), a check-in with one or our experienced and enthusiastic tutors, or a revision course to ensure you have a firm grasp of all concepts, the College can help.