By introducing maths games to the home classroom you will make learning even more fun and interactive whilst encouraging strategic thinking to your homeschool curriculum.

Children apply new skills and logic through playing maths games.  By engaging the learner in an appealing manner, maths games help to create scenarios where critical thinking skills are honed whilst enjoyment is not sacrificed.

Classic games can sit alongside new ones to create an engaging and enjoyable learning environment.  Students will welcome the opportunity to apply their learning in a different context through play and to see that maths is fun.

Brain training and challenging, check out these selection of maths games to support your more structured lessons and your home education resources…

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Maths DVDs for kids

DVDs can also be incredibly useful tools to add to your home education resources.

Sing-alongs and animated characters are always huge hits with young learners, whilst recaps of newly learned maths skills will instill understanding and confidence.

Enjoy these characters and songs together as part of your child’s learning.