A compulsory examination for all students and an expectation of many employees, GCSE mathematics is an essential for everyone looking to further their opportunities in the future.  The role of mathematics for a student’s future learning should not be under valued.  A strong pass in GCSE mathematics is a key entry requirement for many school and college sixth forms.

Furthermore, irrespective of your chosen subject, almost all university courses look for at least a C grade in english, mathematics and often science (Grade 4 or above under the new structure).

There are various examination boards/awarding bodies offering GCSE mathematics, usually at foundation (where grades 5-1 are achievable) and higher (where grades 9-4 are achievable) levels.  Most of the larger exam boards are overseen by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) a membership organisation which approves specifications and ensures that all qualifications with the same title are of comparable standard and difficulty.

Obviously, one exam paper cannot be precisely comparable to that of another awarding bodies.  As such, “small fluctuations are accommodated by varying grade boundaries”, as discussed here by Ofqual’s Michelle Meadows: https://ofqual.blog.gov.uk/2016/01/25/how-to-choose-your-exam-board/

Please see our Exam Board specific pages for detailed information when looking at homeschooling for GCSE maths AQAEdexcelCAIEOCRWJEC.

The following pages will guide you to exam board specific publications to aide your studies.  It  is important to learn, revise and test yourself during any self study.  It is also important to engage the help of a subject expert along the way, for help and guidance.

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Below we have listed some general publications and maths textbooks to get you started.  Your next steps start here.  Best of luck!


Revision Guides and Digital Study Kits for GCSE Mathematics.

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Textbooks for GCSE Mathematics

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