Home Education Resources

Home Education Resources

Once you have made the decision to home educate, or to teach yourself a subject at home, you should give careful consideration to how you create the perfect learning environment for you or your child. Home education resources are readily available but knowing what is most effective and engaging can be tricky.



There are certain basic things which we would recommend as an essential starter pack:


  • A comprehensive stationery cupboard, including pens and pencils (standard and coloured), paper and notebooks/textbooks, pencil sharpener, eraser, scissors, ruler, paints and other art supplies
  • maths set – compass, protractor, set square
  • calculator
  • holepunch
  • stapler
  • dictionary and thesaurus
  • atlas and other reference guides
  • diary and timetable
  • whiteboard, whiteboard pens and eraser


Technology also plays an important role in the home classroom, as it does in a school classroom, and it is worth investing in equipment appropriate to the level of study. The following items will become essential elements of your teaching armoury:


  • computer or laptop or tablet. We recommend a device with a webcam and microphone.
  • printer (A4 printing is generally sufficient but you may want to consider one which has A3 capabilities if you wish to print posters and wallcharts)
  • laminator (regularly used documents will last much longer when laminated, and can also be used as wipe-clean worksheets)
  • an eBook can be a useful way to hold a complete library of books


Wherever you establish your home classroom, you should consider the furniture you will need. You may find that you already have everything you need but it is often beneficial to invest in dedicated items:


  • a desk with a comfortable and supportive chair
  • shelving
  • other storage to hide your work away when you finish for the day
  • noticeboard(s)
  • desk tidy or other holders for pens and other stationery

Ultimately, what is most important is for you to consider how you intend to teach or study and think about what you need in order to best achieve your aims. Having everything prepared and planned in advance will result in the most efficient and relaxed study sessions.

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