House of Lords to Scrutinise Home Education Bill

House of Lords to Scrutinise Home Education Bill

The Home Education Bill will have it’s first line of scrutiny in the House of Lords this week and represents the government’s current proposals for home school regulation.

The Bill proposes to give local authorities greater oversight of home educators in an attempt to ensure the educational, physical and emotional development of children receiving elective home education. This involves proposals such as local authority powers to observe education taking place. Many home educators are worried about the control and structure any such regulation would impose on them and may even view this as an infringement on their right to dictate how their child is educated.

One of the major motivations for adopting a home schooling approach is to escape the controls and structure of a schools system that many perceive to be failing their child. As a consequence, obtaining the right balance between allowing parents to develop a tailored approach to teaching their child and ensuring that each child is adequately supported, can be tricky.

If you are a home educator, what are your thoughts on the government’s proposals for home school regulation? Would you have adopted a home schooling approach if you had had to register yourself and open your doors to local authority inspectors? Comment below..

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