Self study and home schooling news from around the web.

Home Schooling Regulation

House of Lords to scrutinise the Home Education Bill this week (UK Parliament)

The Home Education Bill is to undergo the first line of House of Lords scrutiny this week, Friday 27th April 2018.

UK Homeschooling Increases (BBC News)

Research shows that the number of parents choosing to home-school their children has grown over 40% between 2014 and 2017. What reasons were given for the large surge?

Should you have to register to home school? (BBC News)

The government are proposing regulations for home-schooling which would require individuals to register and for there to be greater oversight of methods and standards. Is that a good, or bad idea?

Parents React to Government Proposals (The Guardian)

Home educators hit out at the Department of Education proposals for greater oversight of the sector. What do you think?

DfE Crackdown on Home Schooling (TES)

The government promises tougher controls and guidance on home education. But how far will it go?

General News

Parents of Matilda star vow to fight council over home schooling (The Telegraph)

The parent’s of the star of the Matilda stageshow have vowed to go to jail if necessary in order to protect their right to homeschool their daughter.