End of Key Stage 2 / Year 6 SATs

At the end of Key Stage 2, Year 6, students are assessed in Mathematics using SATs. These tests were changed in 2017 to reflect the updated and more rigorous National Curriculum. The tests are designed to challenge the students knowledge of all the areas that they have learned over their time in Key Stage 2. Although feared by many, these tests have been designed to allow teachers and parents alike to understand areas that need to be developed either individually or as a school.

Unlike the SATs in Key Stage 1, the Key Stage 2 SATs are compulsory for all students within state schools.

Students, and parents, can prepare themselves for these tests by utilising some of the many of the resources available. By getting used to the style of the questions and expectations of answers, students can ensure that they are ready for Key Stage 2 SATs and see them as an enjoyable challenge as opposed to an enforced test.

Key Stage 2 SATs Resources

Below is a selection of resources selected to help learners embed knowledge that will allow them to succeed in their Key Stage 2 SATs.

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