White Rose Maths Scheme

The White Rose Maths Hub, has become increasingly popular with both school and home based teachers.  As a scheme of work it is widely considered to provide excellent coverage across primary maths.

To assist the teaching, progression and assessment and to work alongside this scheme Pearson Publishing have created support books.  These books aid the teaching across KS1 and KS2 of Primary Maths teaching.

White Rose Books

The following books for White Rose Maths can be used to aid learning across Primary level maths.  Use them as a progression tool to teach and develop a deeper understanding of mathematics.

The first book in the series supports learners at Year 1 level.  The level of depth increases in Year 2, as students prepare for their SATs at the end of KS1.

Learners then further progress as they enter KS2. The next book introduces new areas and deepens knowledge in existing concepts.

By Year 4, children are starting to develop their mathematical thinking and the supporting book continues their development.  By Year 5, students will have developed a sound understanding of mathematical concepts as they enter into their penultimate year of primary education.

The final book in the series will prepare students for the SATs at the end of KS2 and for their journey into KS3.