Private Candidate Exam Results Should Not Be Forgotten

Private Candidate Exam Results Should Not Be Forgotten

Private candidates – those individuals sitting exams outside the traditional school environment, often as self-funded entrants – are a small, but important proportion of the overall number of candidates sitting GCSE and A Level exams each year. Typically, these students are individuals retaking qualifications after leaving school, or sitting new exams in order to retrain, and will be self-teaching or learning privately online or with a tutor.

Exam board specifications, as well as rules and regulations, are generally written with school pupils in mind who have time to dedicate to study and do not have to consider the cost of private candidate exam entry fees. Sometimes, just finding an accessible private exam centre willing to accept an entry can be problematic and the costs can be prohibitive.

If you have taken exams as a private candidate, what have been your experiences? Was the system supportive of your needs? Comments below…

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