The use of technology in the classroom is changing the face of education – and home learning can hugely benefit from this shift.  Home-school students should learn to manoeuvre the ins and outs of technology in order for their education to remain current and complete.

Employing the use of technology in the home classroom and to support independent learning is a must.  Educational videos, interactive games, mathematical apps, web coding and social media can all be adopted as tools to support education.

If your home-schooling includes travel or field tips, you’re going to want a robust yet lightweight laptop.   If you study or teach from home, a desktop computer may be right for you.

When considering which technology works for you, compare the following:  performance, memory, weight and durability.  Child friendly laptops are increasingly available.  Or maybe it’s time for you to treat yourself to a super new tablet to support your own learning journey.

Think about what you need from the technology.  Will you be working with excel spreadsheets or creating revision schedules?  Maybe you need to access online tools to aid your lessons and studies.  Ask yourself if your main aim be word processing or internet browsing?


Once you have whittled down your primary needs take a look at some of the following to help you on your way.

Light weight and robust this selection of laptops are perfectly practical for your home learners, whatever their age.

Why not opt for eye catching and colourful  – or perhaps a detachable option, doubling up as a tablet for movies and games.


Look out for MS Office trials and packages to compliment your purchase and get your learning on the go!

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Beginner laptops are great for introducing your little ones to the world of technology.  Reinforcing good hand eye coordination and making learning fun and simple, they are a fantastic way to approach computer and laptop use before jumping into their more grown up counterparts.

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A desktop computer may be more appropriate for your home classroom and there are some great deals to be had.

Have a look at the following options  to ensure your learning journey is efficient and enjoyable.

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